Requests for Recordings in Marion County can be submitted by selecting the "Request Recording" button found on most pages in Marion's TheRecordXchange.

The site can be accessed by opening this URL link -

If you are requesting an audio recording, not a written transcript, you must select "Request Recording" not "Order Certified Transcript". There is an important distinction between these requests and it's important to use the appropriate form.

Click the Request Audio Recording button to initiate the new order process:

NOTE - If you are not signed in or do not have a TRX account, you can still create a new request, but you will be required to sign in or create your TRX account before the request can be submitted.

Make sure to verify / confirm the information submitted in these Audio Requests. Accurate case information will ensure your request is completed quickly and correctly. Each field on the Request Form is discussed in detail below.

Primary Case Number:

Enter the appropriate Case Number. This Number should be in a standard Court format.

Case Number Examples:

Below are examples of case numbers from actual Marion County Cases for a reference of format and context.


If there is more than one case number associated with your request, please include the additional case numbers in the in Comments field of the Request.

Hearing Date:

Select the hearing dates for your requested case. You can enter multiple hearing dates by clicking "ADD ANOTHER DATE" link under the hearing date field. To move between months and years, you can use the arrows above the calendar. Use the "x" to remove dates if needed.

*See Animation Below*

Optional hearing date comment:

Provide any details that may help us locate your case information. Was the case held in person or virtual? If it was in person, do you know the location of the hearing? Courtroom, Judge, etc.


Requests marked as Confidential will be treated with more privacy in the TRX System. Confidential orders may require additional authorization and can NOT be shared with other TRX users unless explicitly authorized by the Court.

Relation to Case and Reason for Request:

You must include a brief description about your relationship to the case and why you need to review the recording. Again, this should be brief. The information is helpful to the judge who will be asked to authorize the request.

Terms and Conditions

You must check the selection box to indicate that you agree to the Court's terms and conditions related to receiving a copy your requested audio recording. You can review the brief Terms and conditions by clicking on the help icon (?) next to the Terms and conditions field.


Include any other pertinent case information that may help locate your requested hearing.

Clicking "VIEW REQUEST" will now take you to a Review Request page. Be sure to review the details of your request and ensure everything is correct.

Click "Submit Request" button. If you are already signed in, the request is now successfully created.

*See animation below*

If you are not already signed in, but have an active TRX account, you will be prompted to log in at this point.

*See animation below*

If you do not have an active TRX account, select "Continue" under the "New Customer" section. This will take you to New Account Registration page. Create your new account and you will then be able to confirm / submit this new request.

You will receive a success message once the order has been submitted.

To view your orders from this confirmation page, hover over your username in the top right corner of the page and select "Orders" from the drop down list.

*See Animation Below*

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