This help article provides an overview of the Marion County audio authorization process. It includes screenshots of the TRX Site and a recorded video (LINK)

When a recording request has been placed, TheRecordXchange will review the request to confirm it appears valid. If the request requires authorization, TheRecordXchange will attempt to identify the appropriate authorizing official and notify that user of the request to authorize.


In some cases, users can be "Preauthorized" by the Court. These requests will move through the system normally without requiring an explicit Authorization.

To inquire about becoming Preauthorized, contact TRX via

Confidential Requests

Requests marked as "Confidential" cannot be shared with other users without approval from the Court.

Note that all requesters are required to accept certain terms and conditions, as explained in the "Authorization" form, prior to submitting their request.

Screenshot of Authorization Review Page:

1 - Receive Request Email

If you are identified as the authorizing user, you will receive an email notification indicating that a request requires your authorization. The email will provide a brief explanation of the request and a link to the specific request in the site. You can click the link and log into the site to view the request.

2 - Review Request

Begin the authorizing process by reviewing the request. As shown in the screenshot above, you can see the requesting parties name, their explanation of their relationship to the case and the details of the recording requested including case name, case number and hearing date.

You can also select the "Messages" tab of the request to see if there have been any additional comments made by the requester or TheRecordXchange. The "Share" tab will provide a list of the individuals added to the request. These individuals will have access to the recording once you have authorized it and the recordings have been provided.

3 - Render decision

Authorize - If you agree to authorize the request, simply click the green "authorize" button. You are also able to enter any comment you wish prior to authorizing.

Deny - If you wish to deny the request, you can enter any required comment and select the red "deny" button.

Provisional - If you require more information prior to authorizing, you can enter a comment and select the "provisional" button. You might use this option to ask for additional information from the requesting party, or to ask TheRecordXchange to provide you with a copy of the recording prior to authorization.

4 - Download Authorization form (if desired)

Your decision will automatically be reflected in the attached Authorization form and may be downloaded for yours or the requesting party's records.

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