Transcription and Proofreading are done.   The transcript is finalized and ready to deliver.  Now what?

First, if you haven't done so yet, you need to create a project from the order.  Need help with that process?  Click link to article below:

There is a direct link between the Deliverables tab on the project and the Downloads tab on the order:

All documents uploaded to the Deliverables tab on the project will also display on the Downloads tab of the order...once the "Deliver" button is pressed on the Order.  

So, let's get started...

Upload Transcripts to the Transcripts tab of the project:

  1. Open the project

  2. Click on the deliverables tab

  3. Click "Upload" button 

  4. Select the corresponding files, you can select multiple files by holding the control key and left-clicking on the mouse

  5. Click "Open" 

  6. Notice the blue spinning circle next to the upload button, this indicates the upload is in progress

  7. Once completed, the tab will refresh and you should see the files you just uploaded

The video below displays steps 1-7 as listed above:

"Deliver" Transcripts via "Downloads" tab on the order

  1. Open the order - from the project there is a direct link to the order on the bottom of the Project information section (right side of the page).  Here's another article that can help answer any questions about this link -- Project / Order Linking Help

  2. Click the "Downloads" tab on the order

  3. Even though you uploaded to the project, nothing is listed here in the order until you click the "Deliver" button. 

  4. Once you click the "Deliver" button, the page will reload and you should now see the files uploaded to the project.

**Note -- The customer is able to access documents on the "Downloads" tab right away so  always make sure you're delivering the correct documents.

You should contact your customer to let them know their order is ready.  You can either post a message to the order, which will generate an email to the associated users, or you can Finalize the order via the "Finalize Order" button

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