Displaying Archived Orders

When an order is completed, you have the option to "Archive" the order.  By default, Archived orders are not displayed on the order listing page.  You can change this view using the Show / Hide Archived button.

The Show / Hide Archived button is located on the order listing page on the right side of the dashboard.  This button display changes depending on which option is selected.


If "Show Archived" is displayed, then Archived orders are currently being hidden and only Active orders are displayed.

If "Hide Archive" is displayed, then the Archived orders are currently displayed in the list with the Active orders.

Toggle Archive setting for an Order

Changing the status of an order to Archived is easy.  Go ahead and open the order you wish to Archive.  On the order view page, in the top-right corner, there's a button that says "Archive Order".  (This is also how we know the order is not yet archived.  

Clicking this button will open a pop up box which asks you to confirm this order is going to be Archived.

Click "Archive Order" to complete the process.  The order is now in a Archived and will not be displayed unless the view is changed (discussed above)

Mass Archive

To mass archive orders, check the box to the left of the orders and click the drop down that says "With Selected" > Click "Archive" and those that were checked will be archived.

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