What is the upload files to an Order feature?

This new feature allows audio / video files to be uploaded directly to an Order.

Who will use the Order upload feature?

TRX Customers (Ordering Parties) can now upload audio/video content directly to their Orders.  This is a great way to have client(s) upload audio, or request a third party, such as the court, to upload content.

How does the "Upload Files to an Order" feature work?

Click the "Upload Files" button to open the upload tool.

Click "Add Files" to open the upload dialogue box.  Using this box, select the file or files you wish to upload from your computer (you can select multiple files at one time). 

Click "OK" and the upload tool will now display the files queued for upload:

If you need to select files from another location, you can click the button "+ "#" files queued" (previously listed as "Add Files") and this will open the upload dialogue box again.  From there you can navigate to select other files to upload.

When you're ready to upload, click the "Start Upload" Button:

Once the upload begins, the upload tool will remain open to indicate the upload progress.  Note in the image below:

When the upload is complete, the system will present a confirmation window to confirm how many files were uploaded.  In the example screenshot below, 7 files were uploaded successfully.

NOTE -- At this point, the files have been uploaded but are NOT accessible through the Order.  To confirm, you can view the messages tab to see a history of files uploaded.  In the screenshot below, there were 9 files uploaded on 8/24:

To access these files, the Claimant must create the Project via the "View Project" link on the Order.  Then, the "content" tab of the Project will display all the files uploaded to the Order as described above.

For more information on the ""View Project" link, click the button below:

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