Now you're ready to submit an order.   

Presiding Officer Field

If there are no Presiding Officers listed, you can begin typing the officer name. For instance if the officer's name is John Doe, you will see "Add John Doe" appear as you type. Click on this text to add / select the new Presiding Officer:

Hearing Dates

If there's more than one hearing date, click the "ADD ANOTHER DATE" link:

Select a hearing date from the calendar and insert and comments

Click "Review Request" to review and submit request:

As a last check before submitting the order, you can look over the case information.  If any changes need to be made, click the "< EDIT" button to go back and edit the order.

Your request has now been submitted.  The information will be reviewed by the Provider.  They will contact you regarding any additional information or clarifications they may need.  The provider will also send you an estimated cost based on the turn-around time options.  If a deposit is required, you will receive an email notification informing you that a deposit has been requested.

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