What is TheRecordXchange?

TheRecordXchange is the first online transcript production workflow management platform that synergistically brings together Courts, Court Reporters, Reporting and Transcription Firms, Transcribers, Proofreaders, and Scopists.

I do all my own transcription, why would I need TheRecordXchange?

You would find many of the features to be valuable. The dynamic dashboard, the ability to track jobs and deadlines, and notifications and alerts are as important to an individual industry professional as they are to an organization. And, while you may not have worked with others in the past, TheRecordXchange provides the ability for you to easily connect with other professionals you may know to collaborate and fulfill new and unforeseen demand.

What if I have too much work?

TheRecordXchange includes a “connections” feature that allows you to easily connect with other users.Connections allow you to seamlessly collaborate to meet unforeseen demand that can occur.You can stop turning away work!

What if I don't have enough work?

The "connections" feature can also help in this case. As a professional independent contractor, TheRecordXchange provides you with the ability to connect to multiple sources of potential contract work.This means, as demand rises your connections can easily reach out to you to provide you with additional work.

My biggest worry is missing deadlines.

TheRecordXchange includes the ability to set due dates for each assignment or project which can then be filtered on, and has a built-in notifications feature that will alert you to approaching deadlines.

My biggest frustration is organizing my work.  How will TheRecordXchange help?

TheRecordXchange includes a ‘dynamic dashboard’ for each user that provides a comprehensive view of all transcription, scoping, proofreading, and/or content upload jobs assigned to you, or that you have assigned to others, whatever the case may be. This also includes details about each job and due dates.

Communicating/collaborating with others on specific jobs can be a challenge. We use email which is an additional application we have to monitor when we are actually in the throes of work. How will TheRecordXchange Help?

A fundamental feature of TheRecordXchange is collaboration / communication.Robust discussion and information exchange specific to each project is provided.All users assigned to a project can exchange ideas, spellings, etc, via the discussion and collaboration sections.These capabilities drastically reduce the amount of time spent on researching information, especially on large projects, and provides a structure to ensure accuracy.

Some of the software I use to manage my transcription work is out of date, and I wish I knew what software might exist that could help me, but I wouldn’t know where to start.

TheRecordXchange is exactly the solution you need.It represents a comprehensive set of online tools specific to managing transcript production projects.It is delivered as 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) where all of its functions are provided over a Web-based platform.TheRecordXchange solution is intuitive and easy to use.And, because it is hosted in "the cloud" it removes the need to install anything locally or maintain special hardware or updates.

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