If you receive work assignments (aka Turns) from Court Reporters and Agencies outside of TheRecordXchange™ for the production of transcript (e.g., transcription, scoping, proofreading), QuickTurn™ is a new, fast and efficient way for you to start tracking and managing those Turns for yourself within TheRecordXchange. 

Here’s how it works:

Click the QuickTurn™ button on the Dashboard.  Fill in the case name, due date, the page rate you will be paid and the estimated pages you expect to complete.  Select if the Turn assignment is for transcription, scoping or proofreading.  You can also include any additional information you want to include with the job such as the special instructions or case specific information you were provided.  One of the great benefits of TheRecordXchange is that, by keeping all pertinent information related to the Turn within TheRecordXchange, it is all tracked and accessible from anywhere right within the Turn. No more misplaced information to worry about._

Type in the name of the agency, reporter or person who assigned you the Turn.  TheRecordXchange refers to these individuals and firms as the “Project Owners” because they actually have the client that is paying for the final transcript and will ultimately be responsible for all aspects of completing the Project.  As part of the QuickTurn™ feature, you will have the opportunity to send the Project Owner a confirmation e-mail letting them know that you have accepted the assignment with the agreed due date and page rate.  If you would rather not send an e-mail, simply select “Don’t Send Confirmation” on the confirmation dialog.  The whole process will take less than one minute and in return, here’s what you get:

  • The Turn will be listed on your Dashboard so you can see constantly your due date and estimated pages to be completed in relation to all of your other work.

  • You will be able to upload your transcripts directly to the Turn so you can keep track of all documents in the cloud – safe, secure and available from anywhere at any time.

  • When the QuickTurn™ feature is used, a “mini” Project is also created to hold the Turn. You or the Project Owner can convert this “mini” Project to a “full” Project at any time and can then add additional information, upload audio or other data, assign others to help with the Project and open up the collaboration feature so multiple people can work together in real-time.

  • When you send the confirmation notification email (referenced above) to the Project Owner, they will be given an opportunity to activate a free account in TheRecordXchange and start experiencing all of the benefits available to Project Owners (e.g., creating and tracking full Projects and sending Turns to you on future Projects). They will thank you for it and you will already be connected to them and ready to receive Turns!

  • When you complete your Turn, TheRecordXchange will let you record how many pages you completed and how much money you earned.  You can then generate a comprehensive Completed Turns report categorized by Project Owner.  You can use the information to create invoices, budget your finances, and track income for tax purposes and at any time get an overview of your work.

  • Oh, and if you are late on an assignment (we are sure this doesn’t apply to you, but…) the system will remind you.

Give QuickTurn™ a try, we think you'll love it!!

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