You have the option of ordering a transcript of the entire proceedings or only a portion. If you select entire proceedings, all of your case will be transcribed for the dates you selected except any Jury selection, if there was any. If you do need the jury selection transcribed, you must also check the box next to jury selection.

If you only want a portion of the transcript, select those portions you wish to have transcribed. Your options for only transcribing a portion of the proceedings are Opening Statements, Closing Statements, Jury Selection and a Specific witness(es) testimony. For example, if you want the entire testimony of Maria Perez, then type “Entire testimony of Maria Perez,” in the box. Any information about the time of day that the testimony began would be helpful.

If you select “Entire Proceeding” then all other checkboxes except “Jury Selection” are disabled, since those portions will be transcribed as part of your request. If you select anything other than Jury Selection and/or Entire Proceedings, then Entire Proceedings will be disabled since it would not make sense to select to transcribe everything once you choose to transcribe only a portion of the hearing(s).

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