Display audio/video files

Audio / Video and supporting documentation for a Project is held on the "Content" tab.  

By default, the "Content" tab does NOT display audio/video files.  You may need to click the "Display audio/video files" button to show all files if you can't see your a/v files when first viewing the content tab:

Also, the content tab will display 10 files by default, if you need to display more files per page, just select the drop down for "Show # entries" and change it to 25, 50, or 100.

Searching audio/video files

Files on the content tab can be searched using the "Search" box.  

Also, the Search function works across multiple "pages" of files.  For example, if you need to search for a specific date, 1/1 for example, type 1/1 into the search box.  Files matching the search criteria will be listed.

In the example below, I searched the content tab for "1-1".  Notice the page says "Showing 1 to 2...(filtered from 4 total entries) 

Searching for log notes

When FTR Log Notes are available for a project, they are typically in the content tab with a file extension of .htm
To find the log notes quickly, you can type .htm into the search field.
Unfortunately, the names of log notes files are not always consistent.  At TRX we try to fix that, but sometimes it is unavoidable.  
It may also be helpful to search for the phrase "notes".

Downloading Content

To download files from the content tab, click the checkbox next to the file(s) you wish to download, select DOWNLOAD in the dropdown list and then click GO.

**Notice in the screenshot below the search for "1-1" is still active so we only see files meeting that search criteria**

You can also select all files in the Content tab via the Check box at the top (see below):

The selected files will download in a zip file.  Remember to extract / unzip this file to access all the content.

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