We now offer the ability to manage which content files are associated to which turns on your projects. Meaning, files from the content tab can now be associated to an existing turn.

To start, expand an existing turn and note the new "Manage File" button:

Click "MANAGE FILES" to open a pop up box from which you can select file(s) to associate to the turn.

Note, in the screenshot above, we're managing files for the 13-000205_010 turn. For this scenario, let's say the 010 turn is the 1-1 hearing date.  

If you need more detailed information on managing the Content tab, click the button below to read another help article:

To select the 1-1 hearing date, click the checkbox to the left of the filename.  Once selected, the entire row will be highlighted (see below):

If needed, you can select multiple files for a single turn.  In the screenshot below both the MP3 file (audio) and PDF file (notes) are selected.

When all files have been selected, click the submit button to save the turn.  A confirmation message will display once the page reloads:

The Content tab now displays the turn associated with each file in the TURN ID column:

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