TheRecordXchange believes in the value of bringing together qualified professionals on large and expedited Projects to ensure that our Users can meet due dates and deliver accurate transcripts.  

Our Collaborate tab within a Project allows the Transcribers, Proofreaders, and Project Owner to engage in meaningful discussion within the Project.  All comments in the Discuss tab generate a notification to the Project team so that everyone can benefit from the conversation. All data in the Discuss tab of a Project is saved with the Project, providing the PO with a useful history.

You can either start a new discussion, or reply to an active discussion. When you post a message to the messages tab, an email message is sent out to everyone on the project:

To start a discussion, simply type into the “New Post” field and then, when finished, click the “Post” button.

In addition to the Discuss feature, the collaborate tab includes fields for relevant case information.  Click “Edit” to add or modify information saved on the Collaborate tab. This information is accessible to all members of a project.  

See video example below.  Clicking "Edit" on the collaborate tab opens an edit window where you can add spellings, witnesses, exhibits, etc.

We have laid out some basic best practices / rules for managing spellings on the collaboration tab (See link below)

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