This page details the spelling formats and best practices on the Collaborate tab of TRX Projects. Following these formats will help everyone locate the information they need inside these TRX Projects.

The top portion of the Collaborate tab contains fields for spellings. These fields can be edited by all Project team members.

Fields included:
Currently SPELLINGS and EXHIBIT LIST are sorted alphabetically. The rest are plain text fields.

Fields available

  • Judge

  • Attorneys

  • Exhibit List

  • Witness List

  • Spellings

  • Jurors

Confirmed Spellings

Please use the following naming conventions when adding spellings to spelling fields on the collaboration tab.

Format for confirmed spellings: Last name, First name (label) - (your initials optional)

  1. Last name, First name

  2. (Label) - how was the spelling confirmed? see below.

  3. Who - Initials of who posted the spelling

Example: Smith, John (cf OTR) - bt

Example: Jones, Detective Andrew (cf DOC) - bt

Example: Anderson, Dr. Sam (cf IR) - bt


We have defined 4 spelling labels to be used. 3 confirmed spelling labels and 1 for phonetic.

  1. cf OTR -- confirmed On the record - (CF OTR)

  2. cf DOC -- confirmed via Case Documentation - (CF DOC)

  3. cf IR -- confirmed via Independent Research - (CF IR)

  4. ph -- phonetic

When these fields are entered in a standard format, the field will sort based on the first letter in the line once saved, see below:

Here's a quick video showing the process of editing / adding spellings.

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