Our support team received several inquiries about accessing completed transcripts to compare against the proofed versions. This feature is available in the TRX system as of April 2020. It's not a straight forward red-line comparison and requires a bit of set up. Process described in detail below. :

First, you need to locate the transcript in TRX. There are 2 ways to find your completed transcripts:

  1. Using the TRX Search box, enter all or part of the case name or Project ID in the search field and press the search icon. This will return a list of Turns and Projects that meet that criterion. Click the turn or project result to open the project.

  2. From the "Completed Turns" tab on the "My Jobs" page, the transcriber can select a date range within which the Turn was completed, and select the Turn by clicking on the Turn ID in the search results.

Once the project is open, select the "Transcripts" tab. This tab displays a list of all of the working Word documents for this project. The documents are listed oldest to newest, so the documents at the top are the most recent. The early documents are transcripts uploaded by transcribers via their turn. Documents at the top are the proofed transcripts uploaded by the proofreader.

If any changes were made after the proofreader finished their turn, then those documents may have been uploaded by Production. The list displays the document names, the user who uploaded the document and the date of the upload (screenshot below):

You can download the completed transcripts and identify the portions you typed by selecting the correct date or dates and searching for the start time of your Turns. Remember, you should always start / end your turn transcripts with the time of the hearing.

Examples of

zNext, locate your Turn portion from the PROOFED transcript and create a new document.  Paste this text into the new document. You now have your proofed turn displayed inside this newly create document.

Then, use the Microsoft Word document compare feature to have Word highlight all of the changes made by the proofreader. This should give you a side-by-side comparison of your original transcript and the proofed version of your transcript.

Here's a detailed Microsoft Help Article on how to compare two Word documents - https://bit.ly/2VNGSbv

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