FTR files can be loaded together with other FTR files (from the same date and location), it's one of the great things about FTR.  In some cases though, you may experience an issue where you can only load one 5-minute FTR file at a time.  

Commonly, the renamed files will have "-copy" at the end of the FTR filename, see below:

If you load these files individually, they will play normally, as just a 5 minute segment.  However, if you load these "- copy" files will other, concurrent, FTR files it will only load a 5 minute portion of the entire audio.

So, how do you fix the issue.  

First, if it's a ton of FTR files and you don't want to go through renaming then, just let us know via chat or, we're happy to help.

If it's just a couple files and you don't want to wait for our Support team to help, you can right-click on the FTR files, select "rename" and then carefully delete the text at the end of the file " - Copy"

Filename before:

Filename after:

Any questions?  Just Ask via Chat!

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