Business Subscribers / Project Owners in TheRecordXchange now have access to a "Progress" meter on all their projects:

The value for Progress (%) is calculated from the manual entries of estimated pages and  actual pages 

As a Project Owner (PO), you can update the Progress % via the "update" process as follows:

Click "Update" under the percentage display to open the Progress Dialogue box.  Estimated pages (image below) is the "Estimated Pages" value that is normally entered when the Project was created and can be entered or changed here any time.

Enter the "Actual Pages" typed so far on the overall project; Click "save" to update the Project.  When the page reloads, notice the Progress meter has now updated accordingly based on the estimated and actual pages entered.

NOTE -- If the Actual Pages # exceeds the Estimated Pages #, the Progress (%) will display a value greater than 100% which is indicative that the original estimated pages value was too low (see below):

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