Paid/Unpaid Filter

When you complete a job, that Turn will show up in your Completed jobs list and there will be no checkmark at the end of the row for that job. When you do receive payment, simply go to that Turn by selecting it in the Completed Jobs list and switch the “Paid/Unpaid” toggle to “Paid.”

If you make a mistake; no problem, just switch the toggle back to “Unpaid”. When that Turn has been marked as ”Paid,” you will see a checkmark at the end of the row on that Turn in the Completed list.

So, referring to the GIF image above, imagine you completed a couple of Turns on a transcript Project for a client and you then receive a check or a direct deposit from them paying you for those specific Turns. All you have to do is select that client from your “Project Owner” filter and then select “Unpaid" in the “Paid/Unpaid” filter. Once you apply the filters you will then see a list of Turns for that you have not yet marked as paid from that client. Select each Turn in the list that was included in the payment and switch the ”Paid/Unpaid” toggle to “Paid”. Return to the “Completed” tab on the My Jobs page and those Turns will now be marked with a checkmark denoting them as “Paid”.

Using this simple, but effective tool, you can easily track who owes you money and how much. You can also see how much you earned for Turns produced during a certain period of time and how much a particular client has paid you.

For example, the following image depicts that by applying the appropriate filters, transcriber Tiffany can see within the top blue “Totals:” bar that she’s owed $78 from Accurate Reporting for completed Turns:

And in another example, the next image shows that Tiffany was paid $462 by Terrific Transcribing for Turns completed in January:

You can see that by simply applying various combinations of the available filters you now have access to useful information about your Jobs and payments.

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