FTR player offers a playback speed adjustment for certain types of audio / video files. The slider for "playback speed" is displayed to the right of the volume control levels in the FTR Player; however, some file types (below) will not allow the speed to be adjusted.   

In this case, we're using FTR player version 5.6.2 on Windows 10.

FTR Player has a slider on the right side to control this playback speed.  Once content is loaded into the player, the slider can be adjusted to speed up or slow down the audio (either +2x or -2x).

If the file loaded cannot be adjusted, the following error is presented:

Below is a list of the types of files that do, or do not, work with the playback speed adjustment.  We'll add to this list as needed.  Please let us know if you have any additions.

File Types WITH playback speed adjustment:

  1. FTR Audio (*.trm)

  2. FTR Video (*.trm)

  3. MP4 Video (*.mp4)

  4. MP3 Audio (*.mp3)

  5. WAV Audio (*.wav)

  6. WMA Audio (*.wma)

File Types WITHOUT playback speed adjustment:

  1. WMV Video (*.wmv)

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