What is the "Pages Typed" field?

Transcribers can update "Pages Typed" while a Turn is still in progress.  

Who should update the "Pages Typed" field?

Transcribers assigned to Turn(s) are able to update this field on their assigned Turns.  Project Owners can see the % completed values for their Projects / Turns. More information below...

How does the "Pages Typed" field work?

TRX users with access to the Turn will see a field titled "Pages Typed".  If the field hasn't been updated, a "-" will be displayed:

Turn assignee's will see additional text "Click to update page count":

Clicking this text will open a pop up dialogue box asking for the amount of pages typed so far, see video below:

Enter the pages typed so far and click save.  This will close the dialogue box and refresh the page.  The field for pages typed has now been updated to 25:

In addition, the % complete value for the Turn is now displayed on the Turn tab.  This information is useful to the Project Owner since they are able to see individual Turn progress as well as the overall Project progress based on these page counts.

In the screenshot below, Turn 1008_010 was estimated at 35 pages.  In the previous step we inserted 25 for the # of pages typed.  This is the calculation for the % completed (25 pages our of 35 estimated) = 71% completed so far.

Project Owner Review of Pages typed

The % Complete Turn information is displayed in a couple places for Project Owners to review:

Turn tab -- % Complete for each Turn is displayed in a column on the Turn tab, 

Active Turn Report -- Project Owners with a business account have access to the Active Turn Report.  This report displays overall progress as well as Project / Turn level progress.

If you have any questions or comments, you can always contact our team via chat or email - customersuccess@trxchange.com

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