Project Owner (PO)

A User (Basic, Business or Enterprise) that creates and therefore owns a Project in TheRecordXchange.

Independent Contactor (IC)

A User (usually Basic) that can seek and receive the assignment of a Turn in TheRecordXchange. ICs will generally “connect” in TheRecordXchange with the clients that they work with.


A TRX User that has accepted an invitation to connect with another User. Connections can be assigned a Turn by another connection. Connections have no access to the data of the account owner to which they are connected. They will only see limited information related to any Turn that is assigned to them.


A User account that is created and managed (created or removed) by a Business or Enterprise User. Associates have simultaneous access to an organization’s data for workflow management purposes.

Project (tracks revenue for PO)

A transaction between a TRX User (Basic, Business or Enterprise) and his/her customer to produce a transcript at an agreed-upon page rate and turnaround time. A Project will contain data relevant to the completion of this transaction and will provide workflow to aid in the process of moving the transaction through its lifecycle from beginning to completion. A Project can contain one hearing  / trial / deposition date, or multiple dates. POs don’t assign Projects, but rather one or more Turns within a Project.

In addition to other data, each Project will track estimated and final page counts and estimated and final revenue for the Project. The Project Revenue represents the total dollar value to be collected by the PO when the transcript is delivered to the client.

Turn (tracks earnings for IC or costs for PO)

A PO can assign a Turn (transcription, proofing, scoping) within a Project to a connection or associate, or they can perform the task themselves. This Turn may include an agreed-upon page rate (cost to the PO) and turnaround time. If the assignee is the PO or an employee of the PO, the Turn may be assigned with a “zero cost” page rate.

Each Project can have one Turn or multiple Turns. The Turn concept allows POs to assign different parts of a Project to different connected TRX Users. Turns allow many Users to work simultaneously on Projects, especially large or expedited ones. Breaking a Project into multiple Turns means assignees can complete the Project in smaller pieces, which allows the PO or proofreader to be working on it throughout its lifecycle, as opposed to only having access to the raw transcripts closer to the Project due date. Turns also allow the PO the opportunity to identify and assign resources early in the Project lifecycle. The concept of Turns helps the PO meet deadlines and achieve accuracy in a collaborative environment.

For an assignee (typically an IC, although it could be an associate) a Turn is a transcription, proofreading or scoping assignment that has been offered and accepted from a client or PO. For the assignee, a Turn includes: access to the digital content necessary to complete the assignment (download of files of all types, audio, video, document, steno etc.); collaboration with the PO, Associates and other IC assigned to the Project; and estimated pages, due date, final page count and the Page Rate being offered.

Once an assignee uploads the finished transcript to a Turn, they can “complete” the Turn by adding the final page count. For the assignee, all completed Turns and earned Revenue are tracked in the “Completed Turns” report in their account, providing instant information needed to bill the client for services. This report also provides historical data about what the User earned from each of their clients over a defined period of time.

Page Rate (earning rate for IC or cost for PO)

For a PO, Page Rate is the cost per page to have an assignment completed. For an assignee (typically IC) Page Rate is the rate earned per page completed on an assignment.


TheRecordXchange believes in the value of bringing together qualified professionals on large and expedited Projects to ensure that our Users can meet due dates and deliver accurate transcripts. We offer several features designed to achieve this goal.
Our Discuss tab within a Project allows the PO and any Turn assignees to engage in meaningful discussion within the Project. All comments in the Discuss tab generate a notification to the Project team so that everyone can benefit from the conversation. All data in the Discuss tab of a Project is saved with the Project, providing the PO with a useful history.

The Collaborate tab within a Project allows the PO and any assignees to share confirmed spellings related to each Project. Spellings are categorized by Judge, Attorneys, Exhibits, Witness List and Spellings (which automatically alphabetize). Everyone on the team has access to these spellings and can update new, confirmed spellings for the entire team.

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