TheRecordXchange Dashboard will only display ACTIVE turns.  Once a turn is completed it's removed from the Dashboard.  To review these Completed Turns, there is a "Completed Turns" report available to all users.

Click the "Reports" button to open the Reports page.  Depending on your TRX account, you may see some additional reports on this page.  

Select "Completed Turns" to open the report.  By default, the report displays the current week in the date selection windows.  Be aware, this will not include Turns completed prior to this week:

This report also displays ALL for "Turn Type" by default.  You can filter to a specific type of turn if you'd like; transcription, proofing, scopin

To update this range of dates, select the fields for "From Date" & "To Date".  You should then see all turns completed during that date range:

Each turn on this list can be expanded to see more details.  Just click on the line item / assignees name (see video clip below):

Once the turn is expanded within the report, the Turn ID link will take you directly to the turn referenced (see video clip below):

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