In many cases, you may need to merge two or more transcript files.  For example, if you have separate transcript volumes prepared by different people.  This help article covers the best practices for merging these volumes.

Cover Pages will cause the most headaches during the process due to the section breaks throughout the covers.  (see below):

In the image below, special characters are displayed using the show / hide special characters button

Before merging Volumes, you should remove unnecessary cover pages.  For example, if you have 3 transcript volumes (totaling less than 250 pages) you would likely remove the Volume cover pages from latter volumes, since they aren't required.  You should, however, leave the Day Volume cover pages as those need to be in place between volumes.

Once you remove these covers, save each of the volumes separately as a Word document, make sure to name them appropriately so you don't get mixed up.

Now, on the first volume, scroll down to the end of the transcript where you need to merge the next volume.  

In the MS Word Toolbar, under the "Insert" tab, there's an "Object" button.  

Click the drop down arrow and Select "Text from File"

This will open a local browser from which you can select your other Volumes to be inserted.  Once selected, click "OK" to insert the new volume.

This process can be repeated until all volumes have been merged or the page limit has been reached (250 pgs / volume in Indiana).

If you have any troubles at all please feel free to contact our customer success team via phone (800 406-1290 x2) or email

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